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Keegan Palmer Takes The Top Spot In Mens Skateboard Park

The young Australian Olympic Gold Medalist once again stood atop a podium this weekend and took Gold in the Men's Skateboard Park event at X Games Ventura. 

Skateboard Park came to fruition when bigger transition pool-style skate competitions evolved into the "Burnside" -style parks, which feature a bowl that offers an array of banks, vert walls, ledges, and rails arranged in a challenging and creative layout. Skaters are judged on their best lines through the park, style, and difficulty of tricks in a best-of-three-runs format. The event debuted in Japan for the 2020 Olympics, where Palmer grabbed a gold medal. Palmer's variety of technical vert-style tricks in the variety of transition that the park offers set himself apart from the field. 

American Alex Sorgente, who will represent Italy in the Skateboard Park event in Paris this summer, took second, and veteran Brazilian transition skater Pedros Barros rounded out the podium with a Bronze Medal. 

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