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Jimmy Chin Releases Trailer for New Film: Free Solo

If you don’t know who Jimmy Chin is at this point, you’re likely living on the moon. The acclaimed photographer-turned-film director, who was behind massive projects like Meru, has been quietly plugging away at yet another film. While the subject matter may already be familiar to most, this film looks to shed light on some new angles and capture it in true fashion. 

Peering off the edge of the abyss. Jimmy Chin photo.

When Alex Honnold free soloed El Capitan in the summer of 2017, Chin was with him on the wall to capture the feat. Chin’s new film, co-directed by his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, is aptly named Free Solo, and captures exactly that.

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Chin said in a Facebook post:

“As some of you are aware, since Meru’s release in 2015, I’ve been working on another film project: FREE SOLO. This is the full story of Alex Honnold's free solo of El Cap, a 3200ft wall in Yosemite Valley. Alex achieved what we all thought was impossible. In reality, we didn’t think it was impossible, until Alex came along, no one was even thinking about it period.

Alex Honnold working his way up yet another terrifyingly steep pitch...sans rope. Jimmy Chin photo.

I’ve known and worked with Alex for over ten years and have been personally inspired by him on many levels. Being alongside him throughout the process of preparing and eventually sending El Cap, solo, without a rope, has been one of the wildest rides of my life…and I’ve been on a few…Hope you all enjoy the trailer and get out to see the film on the big screen when it releases in theaters in late September.”

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