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​TGR x HBO Present: Edge of the Earth Official Trailer

Teton Gravity Research and HBO have teamed up to bring you the all-new documentary film series EDGE OF THE EARTH. Directed by Steve and Todd Jones, EDGE OF THE EARTH brings you an immersive blend of action-adventure sport, travel journal, and nature documentary, following four different groups of elite action-adventure athletes on four unique, never-before accomplished missions within undiscovered realms of nature. Starting with an Alaskan winter ski and snowboard expedition, reaching the heights of a first individual free climb in Kyrgyzstan, hunting for the world’s next best big wave surfing spot off the coast of Africa, and exploring the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle on kayaks, each team will face their own unique mystifying challenges along each journey. The series is a respectful blend of nature’s potent beauty and inspiring feats of human power along the edge of the earth. The new series will premiere Tuesday, July 12 on HBO, with streaming on HBO Max.

Few dare to endeavor to such dangerous, far-out realms, pushing the boundaries of human ability in an attempt to accomplish what no other human has done before - The ultimate consequence for the ultimate reward.

Episode 1: Human-powered ski and snowboard exploration in the remote wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

Debut date: TUESDAY, JULY 12 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Snowboarders Jeremy Jones, Elena Hight, and skier Griffin Post will travel 10,000 feet from sea to peak in Alaska to attempt a first descent of a new route on Mount Bertha, in the remote Fairweather Range of Glacier Bay National Park. To do this, the team must travel by fishing boat from Juneau, AK, to Glacier Bay and then cross treacherous glaciers in less than optimal conditions.

Episode 2: A first descent attempt of the potentially impassable Chalupas River in the vast remote wilderness of the Llanganats National Park in Ecuador.

Debut date: TUESDAY, JULY 19 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Kayakers Ben Stookesberry, Nouria Newman, and Erik Boomer venture deep within the impenetrable Llanganates National Park to attempt a seemingly impossible whitewater first descent of the Chalupas River in Ecuador. This unprecedented mission will require the athletes to navigate never before attempted rapids set deep within vertical-walled canyons and traverse consequential jungle terrain along the shores of one of the world’s last remaining untouched rivers.

Episode 3: First individual free climb ascent of a route on Pik Slesova in Kyrgyzstan.

Debut date: TUESDAY, JULY 26 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Climbers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger travel to Kyrgyzstan’s Ak-Su Valley to attempt a route on Pik Slesova that has never been successfully free climbed by any one person. A towering granite face nestled deep within the isolated Pamir-Alai Mountain Range.The mission includes more than just climbing as the crew must first cross conflict areas within the country and hike for days through remote mountains to arrive at Pik Slesova.

Episode 4: Exploring the pristine, remote West Coast of Africa in pursuit of one of the world’s few remaining, unridden big waves of consequence.

Debut date: TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Surfers Ian Walsh and Grant “Twiggy” Baker travel to the remote waters of Africa’s West Coast in search of a big wave that has never been ridden before. Such a wave would put this part of the African coastline on a shortlist of the world’s best waves. But finding the right mix of conditions required to surf such a wave makes this endeavor in such a far out place so challenging. The team must take in multiple weeks of provisions in order to endure the winter weather as they track, and hopefully ride, this elusive wave. Weather and ocean conditions must line up precisely for this mission to be successful.

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The mission includes more than just climbing as the crew must first cross conflict areas within the country and hike for days through remote mountains to arrive at Pik Slesova.

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So thrilling to watch! It looks amazing.

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