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Mountain In The Hallway: Words & Artwork By Tate MacDowell

TGR is honored to present a new film, Mountain In The Hallway.

Last summer in my fight against cancer and pursuit of climbing the Grand Teton, I was forced to confront the disappointing reality of life’s challenges. During this period of time I realized that my reaction to tragic events may very well be the only thing I have control of. Would I allow myself to become defeated and depressed or attempt to find a greater meaning in my defeat? 

This poem is my attempt at the latter. It’s a reminder that my goals are simply a reflection of myself. The objective is to use these goals as motivation to become my best self. To take advantage of every moment that’s given to me as best I can and not squander my time. I believe that life can be made infinitely better by these challenges that force us to improve. Whether they be self imposed or events outside our control, these obstacles help us grow.

What’s your Mountain in the Hallway?

Mountain In The Hallway

A walk within fluorescent caves

All alone, scared but brave

At the end a mountain hung

Reluctant Journey just begun

As I walked

a man would follow

All in black

His hood was hollow

I lost him once

But it was felt

To stop the man

I hurt myself

The path I took

I can’t recall

Focus set

beyond the Hall

Nowhere to run

I tried to flee

To poison him

I poisoned me

Locked and loaded

with no guns

I shot the man

With many suns

Finally I reached the wall

The mountain and I standing tall

I could touch it, feel it, see

Through the mount, reflected me

From his hood

These words did spout

“What truth be found

atop this route?”

To which I smiled

Though I hadn’t yet done it,

Turned and said

“I am the summit”

Mountain In The Hallway: Words and artwork by Tate MacDowell

What’s your #MountainInTheHallway? TGR will be encouraging the community to share a story on social media that celebrates how the outdoors inspires and helps you through life’s ups and downs. Whether it’s an after work pass lap that helps you through the week or the dream trip that keeps you motivated, we all have a mountain in the hallway that propels us forward. Share yours and tag #MountainInTheHallway and @tetongravity on any social network.

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Video: Curious Bear Cub Inspects Tahoe Snowboarder
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Video: Curious Bear Cub Inspects Tahoe Snowboarder

Video: Curious Bear Cub Inspects Tahoe Snowboarder

In mildly concerning but undeniably adorable news, video has surfaced of an inquisitive bear cub examining a snowboarder at Northstar California Ski Resort. The young black bear gives our cameraman a thorough sniff, and even nips at his glove before sauntering away to do more bear stuff. While the bear appears quite brown, it is in fact a black bear.  Related: Out of Control Snowmobile Crashes into Chairlift Per the National Park Service's bear encounter guidelines, one shouldn't run away

Curious Bear Cub’s Fate Remains Uncertain
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Curious Bear Cub’s Fate Remains Uncertain

Curious Bear Cub’s Fate Remains Uncertain

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