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Guinness World Record Broken for Marathon in Ski Boots

Running a marathon is its own kind of misery, but if you wanted to make the experience significantly less enjoyable try wearing ski boots. You might think we’re being outlandish, but Dr. Paul Harnett just broke the Guinness World Record for Fastest Marathon Time in ski boots at the London Marathon. According to ProFeet, Harnett broke the record with a time of 5 hours and 30 minutes this Sunday.

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So, yes this is absolutely a thing. Exactly why people are choosing to run 26.2 miles in stiff plastic foot prisons is beyond us. But, the one silver lining of Harnett’s stunt is that he used it as a means to raise money for the British Paralympic Association and World Orthopedic Concern. 

It turns out that this wasn’t the only Guinness World Record broken at the race. 38 different world records were broken this weekend, ranging from Fastest Marathon dressed as an Astronomical Body to A Field Hockey Goalkeeper. Bristol Live has the full detailed list and it's worth a look. Running 26.2 miles in a tent might be even more terrible than doing it in ski boots. 

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