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Carson Storch and the Giro Crew Show Us Why Biking is the Best

“Because life would be boring without it. Because it’s a good time. Because I don’t want to work. Because I like the progression. Because the vibes are always high.” Riding just gives us what we need – whatever that may be, and we love it for that. Everyone is drawn to the slopes for different reasons but regardless of the reason, mountain biking brings us all together. Check out Esperanto riders Carson Storch, Darren Berrecloth, Emil Johansson and Kurt Sorge join their pals and ride through some trails and dirt jumps as they share the love of biking with everyone around. You can also check out those homies on the Esperanto tour where they send it through some of their favorite trails. Why do we ride? Because it’s f*cking dope!

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