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Bike Mag’s New Film: Backcountry Skiing Meets Bikepacking

Andrew McNab, a backcountry ski guide from Revelstoke, was the reason why Brice Minnigh now found himself gazing up a daunting steep pitch of shale. Instead of under his feet, his mountain bike now sat on top of his shoulders as he attempted to keep himself slipping through the loose shale.

This wasn’t exactly what Minnigh, Kevin Landry and Margus Riga had expected when McNab convinced the crew to bikepack through the northeastern border of Canada. In fact when he proposed the 200km expedition he failed to mention one pertinent piece of information. There were no actual mountain bike trails in this remote stretch of wilderness.

Meaning that in addition to shouldering their bikes, the crew would also have to haul a week's worth of supplies through unforgiving technical terrain. Watch in Bike Mag’s latest film production, No Quarter: Unridden Lines Crossing the Purcells, in which the team navigates steep scree-filled chutes Influenced by McNab's backcountry skiing adventures.

However we have to hand it to McNab's spirit, who argues in the digital feature, that, “I don’t see any reason why we should treat bikes differently than skis.” McNab, we whole-heartedly agree!

About The Author

stash member Katie Lozancich

TGR Staff Writer and photographer. Fond of bikes, pow, and dogs. Originally from Northern CA, home for me has ranged from the PNW to a teepee in Grand Teton National Park.