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Watch The New Wheelie World Record: Nearly 20 Miles in 1 Hour

Riding 20 miles in one hour on your bike is already quite impressive, so now try doing it only on your back wheel. That’s exactly what Swiss ride Manuel Scheidegger did, wheeling 31 kilometers in under an hour, setting a new world record along the way. Scheidegger also held the record previously. 

Scheidegger completed the record on a 400-meter running track, riding 77 laps on his rear wheel. In order for the record to count, he would have to start over if his front wheel touched the ground. On his first attempt, Scheidegger was forced to drop his front wheel after 45 minutes following a mechanical on his bike. His second attempt came the following morning, when he set the record.

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The record was set in support of wheels4nepal, and collected money will be used to build a bike workshop in Nepal to train young mechanics.

Thanks for sharing the events. Glad to know about ‘The new wheelie world record’. Swiss Manuel Scheidegger is always unique and very famous. Happy to hear that he set a new world record of nearly 20 miles in 1 hour for riding his bicycle.  Pappy Van Winkle 12 Year Bourbon

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