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Watch Kyle Mears Ride One of the Craziest Lines We’ve Ever Seen

A video posted by Kyle Mears (@mearsofmoab) on

Professional mountain biker Kyle Mears posted this video on Instagram of himself riding an insanely steep line in Moab. 

His caption: 

"Fear is a funny thing. It keeps you safe? Why do I want to be safe… I was scared shitless here. I actually had to harness the will to do it from good friends who are now deceased. Johnny Hymas, Anna Cabral, Mary Hoyle and others. Thank you for your time and friendship, I'm borrowing some of your strength while I'm still here. 2016 led me to some great things.. some I lost to fear of commitment. I won't make that mistake again. Huge shout out to Evil Bikes for your support in 2016. Easily the classiest company I have dealt with. The owner Kevin Walsh brought me on board just for being nice to a person on the trail.. I would recommend them to anyone. In 2017 I will be representing @orbeabicycles this descent was done on a stock Orbea Rallon.. #Mountainbiking #moab #orbeabikes #2017 #kariimissyou #lineofdeath #ride #ridelife #evilbikes #iseedeadpeople @c3bikeshop @rideshimano @fox good luck to everyone in 2017 and beyond.. thanks @rat_bait for the video and looking out for me just in case and last but not least thanks to @kennysmith9 for the inspiration... first man on the planet to ride this."

We just have one question: Where is the POV?

About The Author

stash member Leslie Hittmeier

Leslie is a freelance writer and photographer. Storytelling is her focus and she spends her time following badass skiers and climbers around in their natural habitats. As an obsessed skier and climber herself, she plays and trains in the Tetons.