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VIDEO | Mitch Ropelato Shreds NYC’s Best Freeride Lines

It's not often that we think of freeride mountain biking in New York City - but leave it to style lord Mitch Ropelato to change that. His latest edit with Cannondale pits him against some very unorthodox features like massive stairsets, granite slabs, wallrides, and even some bonafide NYC dirt jumps. Did the city's Highbridge Park MTB park finally get the facelift it desperately needed? And is that the new Cannondale Habit LT we spy him riding? 

This video featuring Mitch Ropelato shredding NYC’s freeride lines is pretty amazing! It’s not often we see this type of mountain biking in the city, but Ropelato makes it look effortless as he tackles massive stair sets, granite slabs, wallrides, and dirt jumps. It’s great to see the city’s Highbridge Park MTB park getting some attention, and it looks like Ropelato is riding the new Cannondale Habit LT. Overall, this video is a must-watch for anyone who loves freeride mountain biking. Cheers from Jacksonville Drywall Contractors

This is an amazing video that really shows the potential for freeride mountain biking in an urban environment. The stunts are incredible and the scenery is breathtaking. A must see for mountain bikers! | Our junk removal services.

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