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​VIDEO: Getting Sideways At The 2022 Crankworx Whip-Off

It’s a simple thing really, a whip-off contest. All you gotta do is pin it into a massive lip and throw the fattest whip you have. There’s no clock, there’s no intricate scoring system – it’s all about stoking out your friends in front of a huge crowd. Every year, Crankworx Whistler hosts the mother of all whip-off contests on the infamous Crabapple Hits, and this year was no different. Check out the highlights of the best freeriders getting LOOSE – it will surely get you inspired to get a little sideways next time you’re in the air.

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About The Author

stash member Max Ritter

I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.