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VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of Brandon Semenuk’s Accomplice Segment

When it comes to creating truly standout pieces of mountain bike cinema, it’s not just about the talent in front of the camera – getting shots like those found in Accomplice took some pretty nifty movie magic. Thanks to our friends from Peacemaker Filmworks, a camera outfit based in Vancouver that takes over when “getting the shot” turns into an engineering problem, we were able to capture Brandon Semenuk and Paul Genovese like never before.

Peacemaker brought lots of high-tech toys, including FPV drones and a robotic KIRA camera arm into the field to capture the riders on BC’s Sunshine Coast. Take a peek into this unique corner of filmmaking, and learn about the challenges and rewards of making this unforgettable segment from Accomplice. Haven’t seen the segment yet? Watch it right here.

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The robots are coming. Dan Fleury photo.

The Kira robotic camera arm combines speed and precision to get shots unlike any others. Dan Fleury photo.

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