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Tom Isted Lands Record Breaking Backflip

If you’re planning to fly over 100 feet through the air on your bike, why not huck a backy? Tom Isted found himself asking this question as he sized up one of the longest dirt jumps ever attempted on a mountain bike. I guess he decided there really wouldn’t be any reason not to backflip this insane feature, so as he soared a record-breaking 120 feet in the air, he laid out a smooth, slow back flip and stomped it deeeeeep on the landing. That's 10 feet further than Cam Zink, who held the current record at 110 feet. I wonder what he was thinking about during the three and a half seconds of hang time…

Wow! Tom’s achievement surpasses the previous record by 10 feet, further solidifying his place in biking history. Congratulations to him for his impressive skills and bravery! | Junk removal and hauling services in GainesvilleFlorida. Click here for more information about our trash pickup services.

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