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Would You Ride in the “Mountain Of Hell” Bike Race?

The Mountain Of Hell is a freeride downhill mountain bike race held at Les 2 Alpes in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. The event attracts up to 700 riders annually and consists of two races on two courses during a three day period. 

The event is known for its 25 km downhill, the racers ride an unmarked route, starting from the top of the glacier at 3600 meters. The race attracts both amateurs and professionals alike, people who are looking to push their limits in freeride mountain biking. The riders see all types of terrain as they descend the mountain, from ice to snow to dirt to rocks.

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Watch rider Fabien Cousinié book it down the hill in this POV video. The video shows the insanity that takes place at the beginning of the race, with hundreds of riders at the top of this French glacier. The race has an altitude drop of nearly 2400 vertical meters, Cousinié managed to get his speed up to 110kmph on his run. The French rider finished 6th overall and professional mountain biker Jerome Clementz claimed the top spot. 

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