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Matt Hunter Took His 2-Year-Old Son Biking & It’s Amazing

First of all, striders are sweet and I wish I had one when I was two. Secondly: I just feel like this really encompasses the whole message of, "get your kid outside." And I like it. 

World-renowned mountain biker Matt Hunter took his son, Robbie, for a small overnighter just a few miles from their home on the outskirts of Kamloops. Little Robbie isn't doing any tail whips yet but looks like he has a pretty good start. 

"Love the way he gets excited about the littlest things. 'Look dad, it's some poop!" - Matt Hunter

About The Author

stash member Leslie Hittmeier

Leslie is a freelance writer and photographer. Storytelling is her focus and she spends her time following badass skiers and climbers around in their natural habitats. As an obsessed skier and climber herself, she plays and trains in the Tetons.