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TBT Extreme Mountain Biking in the 90’s #jeans #$soundtrack #HD

Video of Kranked 3 - Ride Against the Machine (2000) from YouTube.

Get your teal wind breaker’s on and frizz up that hair cause we’re throwing it back to the '90s! In today's times, we have mountain bikes made from carbon fiber, crazy suspension dimensions, 29 inch wheels and hydraulic seat droppers. But it wasn’t always that way.

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Back in the '90s, extreme free-ride mountain bikers did some bad ass stunts on some very different bikes. The first designated “mountain bike frame” wasn’t even invented until the year 2000 according to documented patents

Experimentation with suspension, shock absorbers, and frame geometry was only just getting rolling, but that held none of these guys and gal’s back!

Kranked 3 - Ride Against the Machine is the third episode from a series of extreme free-ride mountain-biking films. Since 1997, Bjorn Enga producer/director for Radical Films has specialized in extreme mountain bike cinematography. In 2000, he released this heart pounding, adventure seeking, 'just send it!' inspiring bike film that still blows us away to this day. Enjoy!

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KRANKED 3 - RIDE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Directed, Produced and Cinematography by Bjorn Enga. Production Company: Radical Films. Starring: Wade Simmons, Dave Swetland, Chris Lawrence, Richie Schley, Brett Tippie, Brian Lopes, John Tomac, Myles Rockwell, Insane Wayne, Greg Herbold

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