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Single-Arm Weighted Sit Ups–TGR’s MTB Training Camp #3

Hey mountain bikers! Crystal Wright here from Wright Training here in Jackson Hole. This is the third part of our nine-part workout series for TGR's Mountain Bike Training Camp, and today we're focusing on Single-Arm Weighted Sit Ups–a simple exercise you can do on the floor that will work your upper body, back, and obliques and core stabilizer muscles. All of these are essential zones to have strong in order to stay balanced, loose, and strong on the bike.

Grab a dumbell or kettlebell of around 10-15 pounds. You may also start with no weight depending on your level of fitness.

Start by laying on your back in the sit up position with knee bent. 

Straighten your arm as you raise up, finishing once you've gotten your head through and above your shoulders.

It's very important to squeeze the shoulder blades as you do this exercise.

Do 6 reps each side before switching. Make more difficult by adding weight or reps.

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About The Author

stash member Wright Training

Two-time Freeskiing World Tour Champion and Founder of Jackson Hole's Wright Training, a gym focused on strength, performance, and injury prevention through sport-specific training.