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Remy Metailler Talks About Fear and Biking

Just as it does in many sports, fear plays a fairly large role in mountain biking. We see athletes riding trails or doing tricks and think to ourselves "that's so scary, I could never do that." But fear, like many obstacles, is a mental game. Pro mountain biker Remy Metailler walks us through how he manages fear. Metailler doesn't pretend to be superhuman, but rather provides some tips on how he manages fear when sending those crazy rock slabs. Some of his tips include walking the line and analyzing it as well as making sure your bike is 100% dialed. While we're stoked to see pros like Metailler opening up the conversation about fear, we're pretty sure we'd still be too scared to ride half the stuff he does. 

Great advise to newbies who are starting to do trail biking or even on starting to ride a bike on a pavement. If you feel that you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that your scared to do it but you are just afraid of what might actually happen if you are not ready to do it. A great advise as well to focus on what you are doing and avoid being distracted or overthink of what you are going to do. Pretty much like think before you click or post something on social media. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and it really will help boost moral as well.

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