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​POV: Amaury Pierron’s Winning Run At the Lourdes World Cup Is Totally Bananas

WORLD CUP RACING IS BACK! If that alone doesn’t get you hyped, then wait until you watch Amaury Pierron’s truly mind-blowing run from the first stop of the 2022 UCI DH World Cup in Lourdes, France. The notoriously gnarly track was quite the venue to kick off the new season, and some absolutely insane runs went down. On the women’s side, Swiss superstar Camille Balanche took the win in a close race, edging out Myriam Nicole and Tahnee Seagrave by fractions of a second. On the men’s side, French downhill deity Amaury Pierron beat Finn Iles and Loic Bruni by milliseconds to take the win with a run that’s a masterclass in downhill racing. Check out the POV from Pierron’s run and feel the energy!

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Great POV! Heart-stopping I feel like I was the one riding the trail but also I feel I would get bail anytime. Good thing that Pieron is good and killed the trail. Can I also do a POV for finding a epoxy flooring near Grand River

congrats to Amaury Pierron, he’s really brilliant
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