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Nepal’s RJ Magar Is Not Your Average Mountain Biker

When you think of the bustling streets of Lalitpur in Kathmandu’s outskirts, you probably don’t think of downhill mountain biking. But 21-year-old Nepali world class rider Rajesh (RJ) Magar will change that perception.

Growing up living paycheck to paycheck in a family of four, Magar is the epitome of determination when it comes to achieving his dreams of being a mountain biker. Especially considering that mountain biking isn’t a very popular sport in Nepal.

His career began modestly with a ramshackle bike he made from an old plumbing pipe for the head tube and a scooter spring for the suspension, proving that you don’t need fancy equipment to rip the Himalayas faster than anyone else on the track.

Magar loves riding more than anything. His mentor and H&I Adventures Operator, Mandil Pradhan, thinks he can serve as an inspiration for young Nepali kids to look up to: “If you work hard enough, good things can come your way.”

So far, all of Magar’s competitions have been in Asia, but we won’t be surprised if we see him in some of the bigger North American and European races in the coming years. His love for the sport and his determination to compete will take him a long way.

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