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Josh Bryceland Breaks in His New E-Bike

Some of us need a few days to get acquainted with our new rides before sending 40-foot kickers. Not Josh Bryceland. Ratboy wasted no time getting on the saddle and testing the limits of his new Cannondale Moterra. Deep in the French backcountry, Josh and The Waves Crew stumbled upon a beautifully constructed jump track for a couple afternoons of big sends. I know Santa already stopped by for most of us, but if he wants to make another stop, I've got a new bike on my list...

Josh Bryeland is excited to get his new e-bike out on the trail. He’s been wanting to try one out for a while and finally took the plunge.  CBD Vape Devices  He’s not sure what to expect, but is looking forward to the adventure. He’s hoping to get a good workout in and maybe even explore some new territory.

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