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Jacob Mullen Rides His Bike on Mars

Google told us that the latter half of this video is in British Columbia, but we're actually a hundred percent sure it's on Mars. Here's our evidence: first, look at all those weird wiggly rocks! No way you can find those on Earth. Second, the way Jacob Mullen rides a bike completely defies all Earthly gravity. Third, there's no way someone on Earth could grow a mustache that magnificent, the laws of physics just wouldn't allow it. We'd love to know how he got transported from that very clearly Canadian forest all the way to Mars for some biking like this so if anyone has any ideas, please let us know. 

Just wow! Incredible, I’m speechless on the courage taking on that ridge. I have no words to say but Jacob Mullen your the man! Hands down to this video. I may have to start looking for a place that is near me that has the similar terrerain. Thank you! You guys inspired me to bike more. :)

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stash member Izzy Lidsky