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Insane Course Preview in Tasmania - Laurie Greenland and Jackson Goldstone

Fasten your seatbelts as Jackson Goldstone and Laurie Greenland take us on a blistering preview of the brand-new Red Bull Hardline track in Tasmania. The infamous Hardline event started up North at the Atherton stronghold in Dyfi, Wales, has made its way to the southern hemisphere-- and for good reason. As it ought to, the track in Tasmania is looking as fast and technical as ever, donning the mark of Red Bull Hardline. Come race day, there will be carnage. There will be spectacle. And there will be a steady flow of speedy POVs. 

Listen to the crowd lose it when this skier seemingly went the wrong way on this run at a Freeride World Tour event last year. You know you're doing it right when the crowd yells, "Wrong way!" We hear a lady scream bloody murder, thinking she's about to watch someone die. Finally, the guy stomps it as if nothing was ever in doubt. 

Gauging by how slow he came into this hit, it's easy to understand why the crowd thought something was wrong. We're stoked that everything went according to plan on this one. Big ups!

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