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FULL FILM: Exploring British Columbia’s Finest Mountain Biking

Join Tom van Steenbergen, Kyle Norbraten, and James Doerfling on a tour of their Canadian homeland. The journey beings in southern British Columbia near the Fraser River Delta, and follows the river north towards the Sibola Range, a largely-unknown range in the province's far north.

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With rumors of big, steep mountains covered in red dirt filling their ears, the trio set out to pioneer what might be a new legendary MTB zone. As with any voyage of discovery, things don't go exactly according to plan, but that's just part of the adventure. 


About The Author

stash member Zack Skovron

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living in Jackson, WY. I’m an avid skier, biker, hiker, climber, and fisherman. Outside of sports, my major interests focus on public policy surrounding land use and energy systems.