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Danny MacAskill’s Beautiful Shred in Epecuén, Argentina

Before Danny MacAskill arrived on Youtube, trials biking was a largely extinct segment of the mountain biking world, past its former heyday when guys like Hans Rey would bunny-hop their way up ridiculous features high off the ground while spectators gaped below. But Danny's otherworldly bike-handling skills have brought the niche sport back into the limelight by stunning the world through a series of videos showing the Scottish rider throwing down unheard-of tricks, like front flips off castle walls, and threading truly wild lines through equally unabated landscapes, be they abandoned train yards or super-sized copies of Danny's childhood playroom.

This time around, MacAskill brought his trials bike to the Argentina town of Villa Epecuén, a small tourist village that drew tourists from the nearby capital city of Buenos Aires to their lake's therapeutic salty waters. in 1980's, changes in local weather patterns inundated the lake, which had no outlet to drain into, and a severe storm in 1985 broke the dam and completely flooded Epecuén, drowning the city in thirty-three feet of water. The waters have gradually subsided, leaving behind an eery landscape stained white by the salt of the lake, ghostly skeletons of trees still standing along roads of crumbling stone. While Danny's latest effort lacks the creative insanity that produced the genius tricks in Imaginate, this Argentina segment still pares the apocalyptic landscape of Epecuén with some amazing moves. Namely:

  • The 360 combo over the bench at 3:25
  • The tree ride at 4:15
  • The half-dome line at 6:15
  • The epic stamina manual at 6:25
  • The bone-crushing hotel drop at 8:10

And the ender? Well, we won't give it away... but it's another Danny trick you'd only have thought of in a dream.

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