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​Caleb Holonko’s Lights Out is 90 Seconds Of GNAR

Caleb Holonko might not be as well-known as other riders out of BC, but his riding is some of the most metal sh*t we’ve ever seen. Freeride is alive and well in this man’s world, and we’re all about it. You might recognize a few of the features in his latest video Lights Out, but we bet that you’ve never seen them ridden the way Holonko does. It’s 90 seconds of gnar, and you should watch it.

I watched the video CALEB HOLONKO’S LIGHTS OUT IS 90 SECONDS OF GNAR. This is a hard time for people to remain at your home, peter veres home realtor especially for those who are restless during normal days. In this video, he has shown some tricks.

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