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Doing the Impossible: Emily Harrington Free Climbs El Cap

We've all been there. We're unsure of ourselves. We doubt our abilities. We question our confidence. Emily Harrington, The North Face climber and all around thick skinned badass, recently joined the handful of climbers who have free climbed Golden Gate on El Cap, the 5.13 VI, 40 pitch glorious monstrosity of a send. 

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Not only does she demonstrate unparalleled perseverance and both mental and physical strength, but also humbling vulnerability and debilitating frustration - something often hidden from extreme sports. After six days of gnarly whips, destroyed skin, bruised backs, and emotional meltdowns, Emily shows us what it really takes to accomplish your goals. And the result is one of the most moving, inspiring, and motivating stories I've seen lately. 

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stash member Hillary Saunders

Professional weekend warrior.