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Haggis is Gross, but This Nature Porn Redeems all Scots

Haggis, a Scottish dish whereby a sheep's seasoned heart, liver, and lungs are encased in the animal's stomach along with minced onion and oatmeal, the only two sensible ingredients, and gently simmered (not boiled; this would burst–yes, burst–the skin), has always made me slightly question the Scots. But then I watch videos like this and my whole view changes. Apparently Scotland is where it's at. Let's just keep Haggis out of it.  

What I like most about this BBC Scotland video is the accompanying caption on their Facebook page: "This osprey's having a bit of bother with its fish supper..." Evidently Scots can't help but be charming even when describing a predator bloodthirstily going after its prey. 

The kicker? The subtitles. Ewan McGregor irrefutably has the most seductive of voices, but not even fellow English speakers can always understand his thick Scottish accent. Internet acronyms get my goat, but this instance 100% deserves a ROFL. 

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