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Video: Setting the Female FKT On Mt. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in Under 19 Hrs

94 miles + 24,000 feet of climbing all the way around Washington’s Mt. Rainier. How long do you think that would take you? 10 days to enjoy it and take in the vistas? Sounds about right. Well, how about 19 hours? That’s all it took The North Face Team athlete and trail runner Kaytlyn Gerbin’s to set a new female FKT on one of the most grueling courses in the country. Summer of Wonder is a trip deep into the pain cave with Gerbin and her support team as she runs a record pace on the Wonderland Trail: 18h 41m 54s

19 hours?! Wow, that time just doesn’t need endurance, but ower as well. I mean the distance of the climb itself is in itself quite amazing already, but to do it in under 19 hours? Great job Kaytlyn! Grease Trap Cleaning

What an inspiring freat. Great run. It must’ve been tough.  18 hours is no joke, that length of the path itself is already on the extreme side, but doing it on a fast time is superhuman! Thanks for sharing this news! Roof Repairs

Athletes really are something else! 19 hours for that distance is astonishing at the least. I wonder how hard did she prepare for this. Anyway, great achievment! Thanks for sharing this! Landscaping

If it were me, I think it would take a year lol! I can’t last a hike that long, and even under that time. What a great feat! A true showcase of what humans can do with proper training and knowledge. Thanks for sharing! Tree Cutting Services

Kaytlyn is amazing! 94 miles and 24k feet of climbing under 19 hours? That’s unheard of. Must’ve taken everything in training to achieve something likes this. Thanks for the share! Grease Trap Cleaning

Woah 19 hours?! That’s insane. Definitely a world record of some kind. This girl is amazing and definitely talented! Thanks for sharing! Concrete Flooring Salem

Whoah, that’s absolutely a new record. THis girls is awesome and definitely someone who’ll make it big in theis sport. Thanks for sharing this TGR! 2133764939

That is definitely a record! Thi is a great achievement for mountaing climbing. Thanks for sharing this! haul away junk

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This is definitely a record. 19 hours?! My God, that is fast! I really appreciate talents like this in sports. Thanks for sharing TGR!! lawn care near me

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