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The Most Epic Waterslide You’ve Ever Seen

The BSR Cable Park is located in Waco, Texas and hosts one of the sickest water slides you've probably ever seen. Bros, babes, slow motion flips, and BMX tricks. This summer experience is one that you'd definitely wish you were at- and it's even topped off with an Odesza track.

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Any waterpark you ever thought was cool probably just got a whole lot more lame. But hey, if you ever need a reason to visit Texas, this is it. Best of all, the day pass to ride this slide is only $15. While you're there, BSR Cable park has a cable system that can pull wakeboarders and water skiers around their 12-acre lake, and a lazy river. Time to head down south for the ultimate summer getaway.

sick - but gotta check out Action Park in New Jersey.  it was a rite of passage for decades and is back!

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