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Slacklining Insanity: Flaming lines and Ice Castles

Devinsupertramp, the creator of YouTube sensational videos such as Worlds Most Insane Ropeswing and Human Slingshot Slip n Slide, just dropped another viral hit. Slacklining, Fire and Ice showcases talented athletes throwing down on tricklines rigged between the towering buttresses of man-made ice castles. These guys are nuts: as if trying to stick a double frontflip on two inches of webbing weren't hard enough, they had to light line on fire first. 

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Devin got the best in the game to work on this project. "Sketchy" Andy Lewis, who tricklined during Madonna's Superbowl halftime show, and Mickey Wilson, an innovator and master trickliner, in additional to others, made the trip to Middway, Utah for the film shoot. They built the anchors, set the lines and then went to town tossing every trick in the book for the film crew. The result is two and a half minutes of eye candy, all in 4K resolution. 

About The Author

stash member Pyper Dixon

Alaskan native. I moved to Bozeman, Montana to study skiing and paragliding at MSU, but somehow ended up with a Land Management degree. Now I live in Jackson, where I can continue my ski education without the distractions of school.