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Hunting Hallucinogenic Honey In The Himalayas

In a career in adventure journalism, one can often find themselves in some of the most interesting yet dangerous situations in their lives. This is something professional climber and journalist Renan Ozturk knows a little something about, from his time joining Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker documenting their summit of the famed Meru peak. But this time Renan took along Mark Synott to a lesser known region of Nepal where they found themselves along with their heavy film gear scaling a sheer cliff amidst clouds of thick fog only to be greeted by the largest honeybees in the world with only thin mesh protection. 

This is Renan, Mark Synott and Ben Ayers latest project documenting what could be the final days of a dangerous and well-respected tradition hunting a special honey believed to hold hallucinogenic and medicinal properties. For the last ten or so years, Renan has gotten to know Mauli Dhan Rai, a 58 year old Nepali who has been deemed "the last honey hunter" 

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Jackson transplant via the Boston area. A traveler, and a skiing, skateboarding, and racquet sports enthusiast