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Sherpas Rescued Two Climbers Near the Summit of Mt. Everest, and the Footage is Nuts

This May, two climbers were found near death descending from the summit of Mt. Everest, eventually leading to a high stakes rescue. After becoming the fourth Pakistani climber to summit the world’s highest peak, Abdul Jabbar Bhatti and his guide Sange Sherpa were rescued by a group of Sherpas including Ang Tshering Lama, a highly experienced climber and owner of Ang's Himalayan Adventures. The two distressed climbers were passed by several other groups on their way to summit, who left supplemental oxygen canisters, but deemed them fit enough to return to camp without help. A second group, which included Lama, found the two in a similar spot and gave them more oxygen, as well as covering their now severely frostbitten hands. Lama continued his ascent to the South Summit after confirming a rescue group would be sent, but upon his return saw the two climbers were still there and in an even worse state. Bhatti and Sange had become so delirious that they had discarded their oxygen canisters. Realizing the gravity of situation, Lama decided to proceed with the rescue himself, with help from his fellow climbers. They made it back to camp safely, and while the two rescued climbers may lose fingers due to frostbite, they are expected to make a full recovery.

Check out footage from the rescue.

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