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Epic Tahoe Cliff Jumping Fest Honors Shane McConkey

When Shane McConkey, aptly nicknamed Cliff Huckstable, sent it at Emerald Pools back in '93, he was asked what he was getting out of it. His response: “I’m getting maximum enjoyment out of life, and I’ll never stop.”

While I appreciate Saucer Boy’s mentality, ever since my cliff-jumping-induced enema a couple years ago, I’m kinda of the mentality the sport doesn’t always bring maximum enjoyment, and I’ve since put it on hold. My innards are still recuperating.

But then extreme cliff jumper Nick Coulter (who apparently studied Criminal Justice, in case you’re interested; I find that sweet) posts a video like this and my body’s like, “Get it together, we’re going.”

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Coulter’s video recaps this year’s Emerald Palooza, an annual cliff jumping and slack lining event at Emerald Pools, one of the best swimming holes in NorCal. The cliffs, found in the foothills of Tahoe, reach up to 70 feet, attracting the area’s most skilled jumpers.

Kudos to Coulter for his compilation. We’re loving the Shane shout-out.

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