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Andrew Muse Is Back With A New Adventure Rig And Cuddly Sidekick

The story of Andrew Muse's devastating car accident back in 2015 sent tears through the adventure sports world. While filming for the final episode of his Tiny Home Adventure web series, Muse had fallen asleep at the wheel and immediately lost everything. The crash claimed his car, his home and dream companion, his dog Booter. Feeling alone, hopeless and dogless, Andrew received an incredible outpouring of help and kindness to inspire him to rebuild his dream life he had worked so hard to create. 

"As you may remember, after filming the final episode of Tiny Home Adventure season one, Booter and I were involved in a life shattering car accident. The tiny home contained all of my belongings, and the most important thing in the world to me: Booter Dog," Muse told TGR. "Years of hard work, my life savings, everything that I loved... Literally everything crushed in a single moment. I was devastated with grief and a feeling of hopelessness, that is, until people from around the world inspired me to attempt to rebuild the life I had worked so hard to create."

"The time has finally come for me to release Season Two," Muse told TGR. "It was the most epic adventure of my life. We spent over 6 months traveling to Alaska in this Badass Adventure van having the wildest experiences along the way."

Episode 1 introduces us to Andrew's new companion, Kicker, the heartwarming story of how he found him and of course, a couple pow filled adventures with Kicker in the new rig.

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