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Video: Watch These Locals Make Teahupo’o Look Easy

One of the coolest parts about surf trips to far-off lands is getting to watch the local kids rip apart their home wave. It’s like watching Alex Honnold scurry up a section of rock he’s mastered by climbing a thousand times, or Candide tear down Val Thorens. There’s just something about seeing a grom at his local wave that really makes you curse your fate that you weren’t born looking out at a world class surf break. 

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In the case of The Road to Homecoming, filmmaker Ryan Moss spent three months in Tahiti capturing the local talent chuck themselves over the most notorious reef slab in surfing: Teahupo’o. What he got was a beautiful short full of glassy blue/green caverns and awesome tunes. It’s worth a watch. Maybe two or three in fact.

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