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VIDEO: Mikey February Rips With New Twin Pin Board

Leave it to Mikey February to get us in the mood for a new surfboard. Full-time Championship Tour surfer, February knows a thing or two about what board rips the best sets of waves. Recently, he tried out his new hybrid board, the Twin Pin, among a range of wave conditions in the Indonesian reef pass. Aiming to create a mixture of speed and flow with hold and protection, February collaborated with fellow surfer Britt Merrick to construct the ultimate versatile surfboard. The new board definitely has some swagger to it, February stating:

It’s got the looseness and fun feeling of a twin fin, but it has a lot of drive like the way a short board is. You feel like you have a lot more control and you can really push hard through the turns because it holds really nicely. When you engage the bottom half of the board it really just accelerates and you know has that magic feeling.

So whether you’re in the market for a new surfboard or just want to watch Mikey slay some waves, this video is worth the watch. 

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