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Kelly Slater Opens Up About Sobriety, Insecurity And Family

Kelly Slater and surfing are essentially synonymous. Kelly is both the youngest and oldest surfer to win a world title and has won a total of 11 world titles, more than any athlete in any major sport. Whether you surf or not, a look into the psyche of an athlete with the caliber of Kelly Slater is always inspiring. Kelly attributes his sobriety simply to the fact that from a young age all he wanted was to be successful at whatever he was doing, and everyone who was drinking or doing drugs was not successful. At the age of 45, Kelly continues to inspire and innovate and showcases some of his best surfing to date in TGR and Taylor Steele's latest surf film Proximity .  

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About The Author

stash member Toby Koekkoek

Jackson transplant via the Boston area. A traveler, and a skiing, skateboarding, and racquet sports enthusiast