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How a Legally Blind Person Learned to Surf

There is a lot to focus on when you're surfing. There's the board, the paddle, all the gear required to maintain a semi-comfortable body temperature. Then there are all the moving parts in the physical world that you need to keep track of: the waves, the size of said waves, currents, and power of said currents. This is not to mention the fact that it all happens at breakneck speeds while you're trying to dodge and avoid other surfers. Imagine navigating such a fast paced, high consequence world while being legally blind. Welcome to Pete Gustin's world. 

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Gustin was diagnosed with macular degeneration when he was 8-years-old, meaning that he has slowly been dealing with progressive vision loss his whole life. The disease has since evolved to the point that he can now only make out lights and darks and can't even see his fingers if he holds his hands in front of his face. Check out this video from his vlog about the technology and tactics he and his coach use to help him safely navigate the ever-changing world of surfing. 


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