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Brazil’s Best Female Surfer Denied Sponsorship for Not Being Hot Enough, Turns Out She’s a Babe

Silvana Lima, 8-time best female surfer in Brazil who also came in second in the 2008 and 2009 world championships was not sponsored for the first 13 years of her career because she was told that she wasn't hot enough. 

"If you don't look like a model, you end up without a sponsor, which is what happened to me," Lima told BBC News.  

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Prior to gaining sponsorship in 2015, Lima worked breeding bulldogs to raise money for her surf trips and competitions. She said puppies paid for her trip to New Zealand, where she won her first competition.  

Lima has been around the industry for a long time, and as many would say, she's been slaying it. She's competed in pro tournaments and world cup championships around the world. Take a look at her competition record here

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Hopefully, after the coverage from BBC I'm not the first one to say this: Silvana Lima is a babe, and the surf industry was sorely mistaken. It should be indisputable that a woman who is as driven, as bad ass, and as talented as Lima is sponsor-worthy, regardless of looks. 

Real beauty is not skin deep, Lima – we hope you continue to set a great example for the next generation of lady surfers!! Keep kicking ass!

Great story and good to hear that she’s getting the recognition she deserves.  Not crazy about the title of this post though… Her “babeness” has nothing to do with her talent and accomplishments.  I get that click-through is important but this type of positioning is what was jacked up about sponsors passing her over in the first place.  It’s like, “they didn’t thinks she was hot enough but she actually is hot enough”.

    You could almost chalk it up to some TGR headline ed gunning for clickbait and missing the point… ....except the author too went out of her way to assure us that Lima in fact “is a babe” after all.  What.  The.  Fuck.

Thanks for sharing. Industry is ridiculous. She is inspiring. Let’s redefine hot for those jerks. Thank god she won’t be pouting in a binkini for sports illustrated.

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