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Beefs T.V. Play-by-play at another monster day on Maui

If you didn’t already know, Maui was hit with the biggest swell it has seen in more than twenty years over the last few weeks, and Beefs T.V. was there to cover it! Lucky us. Surfers and body boarders packed the lineup at the aptly named Freight Trains break in Ma’alaea, all hoping to get pitted in this once in a lifetime (twice if you’re lucky) swell. The pro crowd showed up heavy for this session, too. Mike Ho, Billy Kemper and Kai Lenny were just a few of the well-known surfers in the lineup that day. You can even see Edge of the Earth surfer Ian Walsh get absolutely juiced at around the four-minute mark. He redeems himself though at around 7:20 where he takes the wave of the day insanely deep and gets spat out after a solid five-second tube ride. It’s a lot of fun hearing the Beefs play-by-play on these waves, definitely worth the watch.

Wow that was intense, props to Ian - well done from
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What a giant wave and a perfect wave to ride on. tree removal new orleans

Holy cow! That was breathtaking!

Joana | href=“”>concrete patio pearland</a>

Holy cow! That was breathtaking!

Joana | <a >concrete patio pearland</a>

    <a >concrete patio pearland</a>

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