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Alex Grey Drops Everything to Find the Perfect Wave

We all know that the best powder days and surf swell can take some effort to get to. From long drives, to nights spent in the back of your 4-door sedan, discomfort and sacrifice go hand-iinhand with making it to the mountain or break at just the right moment to achieve what could be the best day of your life.

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In this short, "Tracking the Muse," by Turkeymelt, Alex Gray shows us the lenghts he'll go to get the perfect day. "You throw all of your eggs into one basket with the hope that those waves are even gonna be there when you show up—that's the hardest part," Grey says.

About The Author

stash member Sam Morse

TGR Editor-at-Large. author of The Ski Town Fairytale and creative behind The Bumion. Lover of steep-and-deep lines, long trails—and hot springs waiting in the distance.