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Snowboarder Sends Huge Backflip on Broken Snowboard

When one of the year’s top memories is breaking your snowboard—and then using the pieces to send a backcountry booter with a laid out backflip, then all hats are off to pro snowboarder Matt Wainhouse. The up-and-coming rider’s self-released greatest hits from 2015-16 are full of goofy antics but equally talented trickery across step-ups, step-downs, and hips.

If you don’t have time to soak up the mellow reggae fusion and sick corks, skip ahead to 1:03 for the impromptu benchmark! 

About The Author

stash member Morgan Tilton

Raised in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, Morgan Tilton is a snowboarder, mountain-ultra-trail runner and explorer. She covers adventure travel and news for an array publications including Men's Journal, Outside, SUP Magazine and Adventure Journal.