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Halldor Helgason Doesn’t Give a Shit About Olympic Medals

While the world's attention is turned to South Korea for the Olympics, some of the best freeriders in the world are happily skipping the Olympic games. Guys like Halldor Helgason, Kevin Backstom and Sebbe de Buck ooze style and don’t need Olympic medals to prove it.

After absolutely killing it in the snow in Transworld's latest edit from Japan, the boys headed to the beach to shred the best cold water waves The Land of the Rising Sun had to offer. 

These are impressive clips, but why contrast them in some way with Olympic contenders?  There is something about the crucible of competition also worth admiring.  It certainly amps up the potential fail factor.

You don’t have to give a shit about medals yourself to admire those who step into competition with true peers to compete for them.

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stash member Quinn Banks