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The Creek Sessions: Music to Rally For The Preservation of Bears Ears

Through the Bears Ears National Monument reduction that was enacted last December, only a portion of land remains protected in Indian Creek, Utah. With this historic change comes a significant loss: that of public land, a haven for climbers, and many areas considered sacred by the local Native American communities.

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Composer, climber and conservationist Jessica Kilroy wants to use her skills to preserve something we often overlook: the many beautiful natural harmonies lost to land use and development. Kilroy has been hard at work recording the soundscapes of Indian Creek, which ranges from the sounds of weather to the wildlife. All of which blend into a beautiful orchestra that she plans to use with her band Pterodactyl Plains for their latest album celebrating the American West.

Far Out Places: How We Filmed Our Crested Butte Segment

This pursuit was documented by our friends at Stept Studios, and you might be familiar with the work of two of their finest: Clayton Vila and Cam Riley. They’re the masterminds behind two of our Far Out Film segments, Crested Butte with Sean Jordan and Kamchatka, Russia. Be sure to not only check out their hard work with the Indian Creek project, but how they’ve contributed immensely to our team as well.  

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