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#Wintheinternet: Man Jumps Bike Off Massive Cliff! Does He Survive??

Camp 4 Collective is known for some pretty serious, ethereal adventure sport cinema. But this time around, they decided just to try and win the internet. And just how does one do such a thing in the age of Kim Kardashian? Well, it's a delicate balance of action sports dudes doing action sports, Slayer, an absurd ending, and probably some Buzzfeed list posts. Set up a very simple and unlikely plot (two guys having mano-a-mano brawl on some desert singletrack), set it to some music, and then finish it off with one of the guys jumping off a sheer cliff and... I'm going to give away the ending... land at the bottom thanks to a parachute, and continue shredding. These guys clearly had some fun with this, at least based on their titles. 

Up next? A big wave surfer and wingsuit pilot trading places for a year, which Clif Bar will most definitely not be sponsoring...

While this whole vid is cool, I think the best part is around 1:21…

No way Dunfee… So you’re selling your soul to the total buzzfeed blogging demigod? 

I hope the traffic is good.  ;)  Maybe I’ll try this.

    Ah god dammit… just realized you guys cover biking too.  Way more relevant, and I’m a shithead.

About The Author

stash member Ryan Dunfee

Former Managing Editor at Teton Gravity Research, current Senior Contributor, current professional hippy at the Sierra Club, and avid weekend recreationalist.