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Video: Cam McCaul’s “Mellow” Dirt Jump Session

What's better than a chill dirt jump session at the local spot with a good crew? Not much... It's pretty much the best thing ever. Plus, if you have the right crew, it might not be a chill session for long. This one heated up quickly. The dirt went from slushy and slow muck to hard-packed and speedy blue-grooves. The riding followed suit and soon the chill whips and tables switched to combos and links that had bikes and bodies whirling around everywhere you looked. 'Twas a great session indeed. The first of many as this Bend Oregon winter is shaping up to be one that'll keep us mountain bikers mountain biking. Let's keep it rollin'.

Riders: Dusty Wygle, Carson Storch, Oatman, Ryan McNulty, Jacob Guthrie, Tristan, Joe, Nephew Parker 

About The Author

stash member Cam McCaul