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Rémy Métailler Brings Rampage Renown to Utah Desert

Nicknamed the Flying Frenchy, Rémy Métailler is a big name in the freeride mountain biking world, usually tearing up his home base of Whistler or riding in some of Red Bull’s freeride competitions like urban racing in Valparaiso or the infamous Rampage.

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In a separate behind-the scenes clip published before this final cut, he mentions that the extraterrestrial winds and lunar landscape of Utah gave him even more pause than the heart-stopping drops he hucks in the final footage. Rémy is well-known for his POV edits and warp-speed attacks on downhill runs, but check out this newest clip of his untouched lines in the Utah mood dirt. 

Amazing stunts! I always love to watch the downhill runs. Thanks for sharing this video.

Remy is the best Freeride Mountain Biker.
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