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Pro Biker Kilian Bron Passes Rock Climber in Stunning New Edit

Killian Bron is back with another work of mountain bike goodness. “Cross Countries” is not to be missed if you enjoy incredible riding, beautiful scenery, and unique sound design. This not your dime-a-dozen mountain bike edit. “Cross Countries” is a piece of art.

Adding to a long history of spectacular riding and innovative videography, Bron’s videos are saddled with high expectations. His newest creation does not disappoint. 

The final product of a border-hopping tour of North America, “Cross Countries” features an incrediblely wide range of scenery. From legendary lines like the Pemberton train gap and that one huge slickrock mountain in Utah (If you know, you know) to the streets of New York City, this video is worth a watch.

Bron makes his way up to British Columbia for some high speed rock rolls. Even with the ‘GoPro effect,’ these lines look steeeeep. Emphasizing the point, Bron flies past a rock climber on his way up. The promiscuity of these lines is overshadowed by the rider’s incredible skills and control. Even on the edge of certain death, Bron looks completely comfortable, riding with an impeccable aire of grace and style.

“Cross Countries” highlights Kilian Bron’s flexibility as a professional mountain biker. 

I don’t define myself as an endurist, nor as a downhiller or a freerider. I’m just a mountain biker who expresses himself with his favorite bike. The one on which I can venture into all areas and places unknown. In this case, crossing the USA and part of Canada with my very personal vision of trail riding… Which turned into Cross Countries!” - Kilian Bron

Thank you for what you do, Kilian. Keep doing it!

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