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Parkin Costain Riding Lines in Virgin, Utah

It started with a breakfast of champions, and what came next was just plain ol’ epic. Parkin Costain has made a name for himself as a pro skier, but his prowess on two wheels is nothing to sneer at, and he just dropped his first bike shredit in over three years! The footage was taken with Concurrent last fall in Vigin, UT, one of the hottest downhill spots in the states right now. The beautiful desert canyons and steep lines had Parkin feeling right at home. Reflecting on the experience he said “it felt surreal to ride down a few zones that image something like a ski line from process to drop in. Stoked to build on this experience and get back to the desert in the future!” We look forward to seeing what he does next in the world of mountain biking.

Thank you for sharing this incredible story of Parkin Costain’s return to mountain biking, and what a comeback it was! It’s inspiring to see athletes excel in multiple disciplines, and Parkin’s bike shredit after three years is nothing short of epic. The stunning footage captured in Vigin, UT showcased the beauty of the desert canyons and the thrilling lines Parkin navigated with skill. | junk removal

That’s awesome to hear about Parkin Costain’s recent biking adventure in Virgin, Utah!  Do you also know how to build a concrete patio?

I’ve been to Utah a few times and man the view of the mountains are absolutely incredible. I’ve been wanting to travel to Colorado and Washington cus I’ve heard that those states also have beautiful mountain views, but as of right now, Utah definitely takes the cake for me, so good for him. Good stuff.

Wow, what an adrenaline-filled ride!

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